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Thanks for dropping by to find out a bit more about us, the people behind The Teen Age brand  - who we are, how we started on our journey of fashion for teens and our why. 

In a snapshot, The Teen Age is a family business  on a mission to create beautiful everyday basics for teenage girls. If you are on the search for age-appropriate basics for your teen daughter and want to do it in a way that cares for people and cares for our planet, then you are in the right place.

Want to know the back story on how we got started? Read on...


You know how they tell you that kids grow up quickly? Like in the blink of an eye? Well, it's true. Before I knew it, my girls were no longer little and when they hit their tween years, I discovered just how difficult it was to find good quality, beautiful every day basics for them. Nothing too fancy. No frills. No unicorns. And nothing too revealing - cos it's just not them (and I'm not complaining)! My girls wanted comfortable and beautiful clothes to wear but we just couldn't find them - anywhere!  Everything was either too babyish or just not age-appropriate. 

It soon became pretty obvious that we weren't the only family facing this dilemma. Everywhere we went, we heard from other frustrated parents who were having the same problem as us - not being able to find good quality basics for their teen.

And so, the idea was born. To create a range of simple and beautiful pieces for teenage girls.


As any business owner would tell you, the next twelve months were filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, from stomach-dropping falls to truly exhilarating wins. Whilst researching and developing the first collection, it became clear that what was needed was not just a curated line for teen girls, but being able to manufacture in a way that did not add to the growing problems that were becoming much more evident in the fast fashion industry. As well as creating age-appropriate designs, sustainability and ethical practices because a focus for our business. It certainly added an extra challenge, but we felt it was important to be mindful of our actions in the bigger picture. 

It was also at this time that we decided to manufacture locally in Sydney. This would allow us to work closely with our production line and to ensure the quality is of a high standard. Staying local also helps us to support other small businesses in our community.

Although there are extra costs in creating a sustainable and ethically made product, we believe that the importance of working in this way is the way forward for our customers and our world today. We are certainly not perfect in everything, but we are continually striving to better ourselves, our product and our business in the process.


I am proud of the achievements we have made to be one of the first businesses to design sustainable clothes specifically for teenage girls and their needs. I am proud that we are thoughtful in our decisions as we know they impact others and the world. And I am super proud and extremely humbled that I was named in 2020 by Ragtrader Magazine, as  one of the top 10 Australian leaders in fashion, shaking up the industry through sustainability.

We hope that you and your teenage daughter will join me in this journey of making small changes to the way we consume and live in this world, making it a better place for our teens and for the generations to come.

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