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Our Story

If you are anything like me, you are frustrated by the clothing options that are available for your teenage daughters. When they were little, it was a cinch. There were so many options for any and every occasion.

But as soon as they hit that 'between' stage where they are no longer cute little girls yet and not yet an adult, shopping became hard and frustrating.  Everything was either too babyish or just not age-appropriate. 

My girls wanted outfits that were comfortable to hang out in. Nothing too fancy. No frills. And nothing too revealing. Just simple, easy-to-wear clothes. Our quest to find such clothing, in stores and online, more often than not, left us empty-handed.

So I set out to create designs that both my daughters and I would be happy with. I've spent months of research, sourcing fabrics and sampling different designs. I've spoken with parents and young teen girls.  And, in Summer 2019, I am super proud to be launching The Teen Age, sustainable weekend wear for young teen girls.