Skirts and shorts for teenage girls

Teen style is as much about being seen as it is about being dressed. We support your adventures through our tailored clothing collection, perfectly curated for younger trends.
Designed with care and attention to detail, our shorts and skirts showcase what it means to walk with confidence. Consciously crafted to flatter with fun, classy cuts, our pieces reflect a timeless everyday range. Everything we carry is selected with the skilled eyes of a fashion-focused team, ensuring on-trend looks every time.
If you’re buying for someone else, our dresses, skirts and shorts have been designed so your teen girl can enjoy all her weekend activities in comfort and look good too. All our designs are created with this age group in mind and are made with the softest cotton linen blend using sustainable fabrics. They are also available in a range of six gorgeous colours - white, pinks, blues and green.

Trendy cuts that never go out of style

Trends come and go as the tides change. If your teen girl wants to stay on top of the latest fashions all-year-round, timeless skirts and shorts are her path to always looking and feeling gorgeous.
Our options accentuate the best facets of figure and persona for all the budding ladies out there. Reflecting the lines of classy design and adventurous dressing, the look of our skirts and shorts for teenagers is put-together, fresh, and modern. Explore outfits that play on femininity, androgyny, sweetness, or edginess, – and everything in between.
From beaches to music festivals or a day around the house, our teen shorts and girl’s skirts embody what it means to be young and free.