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The Story Behind The Teen Age Brand - Part 2

November 18, 2019

The Story Behind The Teen Age Brand - Part 2

We left off with me as a stay-at-home mum with the girls who were now tweens, frustrated that finding age appropriate clothes for teen girls was as scarce as hen's teeth, but it was not for want of trying. (If you've just joined us now, you can catch the beginning of my story here.)

There was a gap in the market. I could hear rumblings all around me from frustrated mums and dads who couldn't find clothes for their teenage daughters, and who were especially concerned about the shorts that were cheeky short. Styles were too babyish or grown up and sizes were way off target. There were logos of everything from unicorns through to tigers...and their daughters didn't like any of those creatures. All they wanted was good quality basics for their teenage girls.

So I started researching and surveying teens. I looked for fabrics and manufacturers and I pulled in the expertise of my mum who had worked for many years in the fashion industry. 

As I began putting my design ideas onto paper, I was reminded of the times when as a young teenage girl myself, I'd often tell mum about different clothing designs I had in my head. She would get me to put everything down on paper. I'd draw my design and explain the details to her - how I wanted it to sit like this at the hip or wanted the sleeves to be this shape and the hemline to end there. And mum, the clever, resourceful woman that she is, would whip my creation together and I would often wake up to find my drawing turn into a real outfit.

How ironic that decades later, I am still drawing designs that are in my head, and that some talented people that I am working with, then put it all together. 

The designs are simple because that is what many teenage girls are looking for. Simple yet beautiful clothes to wear on the weekend, whether they are off bushwalking or to catch a movie with their friends. Clothes that exude comfort both in fabrics and style. 

And so maybe it was meant to be after all, that my path wasn't to be an architect of buildings, but rather an architect of clothes for teenage girls. An architect that has had the experience of working with children, being creative, managing projects and owning a business.

As a designer, if my clothes can help a teen girl feel good about herself, boosting her confidence and self-esteem, rather than worrying about whether or not she looks good for her friends (or frenemies), then my dream job of being an 'architect' truly was worth the journey in getting there.


One Popular Teen Skincare Myth Busted and a Better Alternative
One Popular Teen Skincare Myth Busted and a Better Alternative

October 30, 2020

When you’re a teen, you’re always searching for ways to look your best. The rumour mill is full of recipes, products, and potential cures that could either work miracles for your complexion - or prove to be complete myths.

To save you the pain and disappointment of bad advice, we’ve set out to bust myths, and confirm the cures - so you can save face without fuss.

Four Steps to a No-Fuss Skin Care Routine for Teenagers
Four Steps to a No-Fuss Skin Care Routine for Teenagers

October 21, 2020

Becoming a teenager isn’t easy. A whole lot of changes come through at once; affecting how the body works, how we look and how we feel. It turns life upside down – sometimes in both good and bad ways.

The most telling sign of this ‘coming of age’ and internal turbulence shows itself in our skin. Back in the ‘good, old days’ of of being a pre-teen, we were usually lucky enough to get away without a blemish. But puberty brings about signature spots as time passes, and it’s only natural to see these hormonal changes pop up every now and then; it’s all apart of making the beautiful transition from girlhood to womanhood! And it’s actually very exciting. 

With the right skincare routine for teens in hand, all of those spots and dots – from acne to blemishes and beyond – can be easily managed. Let’s walk through the why, the what, and the how, shall we?

How to Encourage Your Teen to Eat More Salad
How to Encourage Your Teen to Eat More Salad

September 30, 2020

"Do I have to have salad?" 

The question I am asked nearly every dinner time.

I'm not sure why they bother because the answer is always a resounding "YES!" but I guess they can always live in hope.

Salad. It's the one thing that can cause a major battle at the dinner table in most households with toddlers and teens (and maybe even husbands)! So when I came across a business that made salad look sexy and so delicious, and then discovered that they also families with kids, I knew I had to ask them how salad consumption at their mealtimes rated.