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Makeup for Teen Girls - How Much is Too Much?

September 02, 2020

pink makeup

Is your daughter interested in it?
Has she always watched you with careful precision
as you put your make up on before going out?
Do her eyes widen as you walk past the make up counters
in the department stores (before COVID days of course!)
like a kid in a candy store?

This week, our guest Niki, from My Makeup School,
shares her thoughts and tips on make up for teens.
She shares that just like our collection of weekend basics,
less is more and simple is beautiful.


Niki, tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been a makeup artist for the last 12 years after a career change at 30. I’ve always been creative, dabbling in photography, acting and many arts and crafts along the way. For 10 years I had a desk job in media and while it was fun it wasn’t my passion. 7 years ago I had my daughter and went on maternity leave and never went back to the office, I’ve been running the business as a hair and makeup artist ever since and haven't looked back. This job is an extension of my love for art and design and I’ve never been happier.

Is makeup good or bad for our teen's skin?

Makeup isn’t good or bad per se, it’s about making sure the skin is well cleansed after it is worn.  I do recommend having some days to let your skin breathe though and save it for special occasions or the weekend.

"...let your skin breathe though and save [makeup] for special occasions or the weekend."

At what age did you start using makeup?

My mum took me to the Revlon counter at 14 and I fell in love with using it, especially eye makeup!

What is one thing you wish you knew about make up as a teenager?

That you don’t have to wear much to look and feel great.

What would you recommend as a good start to teen girls who want to start using makeup?

I recommend wearing a light, radiant tinted moisturiser or mixing an illuminator into your foundation.  Applying some cream blush on the cheeks and a cream highlight then a little eyeshadow and mascara and you’re done -  fresh, natural beauty.

What are your top 3 tips for teen girls who want to start on their makeup journey?
1. Don’t over do your eyebrows, it unbalances the face.
2. Cleanse twice daily with a gentle cleanser to avoid breakouts.
3. Never sleep in your makeup - you can end up with an eye infection.


Niki Simpson is a Sydney based and highly experienced hair and makeup artist and also the founder of My Makeup School, an online membership that helps ladies feel confident with themselves and with using makeup. You can find out more about her services here!


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