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How to spend money and help save the world

August 12, 2019

How to spend money and help save the world

Sustainability. It's the 'it' word of society today. 

We are slowly beginning to realise how our 'want it now' lifestyles actually impact our world. Fortunately, many of us are also becoming more aware that something needs to change for the sake of our children and for the generations to come.

When it comes to shopping for clothes for ourselves or our kids, what can we do? Firstly, head to your wardrobe and do a little 'Marie Kondo' (If you haven't heard of her, head to google). It's always amazing to rediscover what you forgot you had!

If you are still in need of an outfit, here are some things to consider:

+ Choose designs that you will actually wear, more than once! Make sure that they are comfortable and that you feel confident in wearing it.

+ Look for classic styles in neutral colours so that they don't go out of fashion next season. 

+ Find pieces that you can mix and match and that can be dressed up or down for many different occasions.

+ Try to move away from synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon, acrylics) as these fabrics are not environmentally friendly both in manufacturing or when washed.

+ Choose to buy from brands who ensure their employees work in ethical conditions.

It's not easy to check everything off this list, and when you do find an item that does, it's likely to come at a small cost to your back pocket. But remember to look at the long term cost. If you purchased a quality item that you love and feel comfortable and confident in, chances are, you will want to wear it all the time. Not only will you look great, but you can also know that you are also doing your little bit for people and the planet.







One Popular Teen Skincare Myth Busted and a Better Alternative
One Popular Teen Skincare Myth Busted and a Better Alternative

October 30, 2020

When you’re a teen, you’re always searching for ways to look your best. The rumour mill is full of recipes, products, and potential cures that could either work miracles for your complexion - or prove to be complete myths.

To save you the pain and disappointment of bad advice, we’ve set out to bust myths, and confirm the cures - so you can save face without fuss.

Four Steps to a No-Fuss Skin Care Routine for Teenagers
Four Steps to a No-Fuss Skin Care Routine for Teenagers

October 21, 2020

Becoming a teenager isn’t easy. A whole lot of changes come through at once; affecting how the body works, how we look and how we feel. It turns life upside down – sometimes in both good and bad ways.

The most telling sign of this ‘coming of age’ and internal turbulence shows itself in our skin. Back in the ‘good, old days’ of of being a pre-teen, we were usually lucky enough to get away without a blemish. But puberty brings about signature spots as time passes, and it’s only natural to see these hormonal changes pop up every now and then; it’s all apart of making the beautiful transition from girlhood to womanhood! And it’s actually very exciting. 

With the right skincare routine for teens in hand, all of those spots and dots – from acne to blemishes and beyond – can be easily managed. Let’s walk through the why, the what, and the how, shall we?

How to Encourage Your Teen to Eat More Salad
How to Encourage Your Teen to Eat More Salad

September 30, 2020

"Do I have to have salad?" 

The question I am asked nearly every dinner time.

I'm not sure why they bother because the answer is always a resounding "YES!" but I guess they can always live in hope.

Salad. It's the one thing that can cause a major battle at the dinner table in most households with toddlers and teens (and maybe even husbands)! So when I came across a business that made salad look sexy and so delicious, and then discovered that they also families with kids, I knew I had to ask them how salad consumption at their mealtimes rated.