August 20, 2021 3 min read

We've all done it. Stood there in front of our wardrobes, staring at the clothes hanging in our wardrobe (or, if you're a teen, you're possibly staring at the pile of clothes sitting on your bedroom floordrobe). The problem of having "nothing to wear" is universal. And it's not that you actually have nothing to wear, it's that you can't work out which pieces to put together to create an outfit that works or more likely, you have a wardrobe that doesn't mix & match easily.

The key to having an easy to wear wardrobe is to pick clothes that work together when you are shopping. A neutral palette of wardrobe basics is a good starting point for any wardrobe. If you're really clever, buying the right essential basics can carry you throughout a season, or better still, an entire year. It will prepare you for any occasion, whether it's a weekend adventure, a casual long lunch with friends, hanging out at the beach or catching a movie. 
Here's our list of the top 6 must-have essentials in every teen girl's wardrobe.

1. Basic white t-shirt

The basic white tee is the first and most important essential on our list, even though somewhat 'boring'. This wardrobe staple will pretty much pair nicely with anything whether it be jeans or shorts or a skirt. Dress it up with a jacket and accessories or keep it casual with shorts and sneakers. Because it works in so many ways, it's a good idea to invest in a good quality basic tee that you can wear over and over again.
Of course, our favourite t-shirt is from our own TTA collection because it's made with a high quality, super soft, breathable cotton modal fabric.
 Coco Basic White Tee by The Teen Age

2. Shorts

Nothing says summer more than a pair of shorts. You want something comfortable, made using breathable fabrics to keep cool on hot summer days and at a length that allows your daughter to get on with any activity - and not have to worry about what can be seen when she decides to do random cartwheel. This is what we love most about shorts from The Teen Age. Their elastic waist means they are comfortable but they are also stylish and age appropriate.
Shorts can easily be dressed up or down simply by swapping over sneakers with espadrilles or strappy sandals. Pair it with a top, add some accessories like a headband, and a small leopard print clutch, and you're set to head out to lunch.
Chloe Shorts by The Teen Age

3. Summer dress

The Teen Age's summer dress is one of our most popular designs because of it's understated style which suits all body shapes. It also scores big points on comfort and, like our entire collection, sustainability.
When looking for a summer dress, find one that you can mix + match with other pieces in your wardrobe, whether it's adding a denim jacket for cooler evenings out or a sweater and leggings for the cooler months. Because who said you can't wear a summer dress all year round? 
Jax Summer Dress by The Teen Age

4. Denim Jacket

Whether you're a teen or a mum, the denim jacket will carry you throughout all seasons. Perfect to throw on a chill evening in Autumn or Spring, or to layer on in the winter season, the denim jacket is just as versatile as it is stylish.

5. Sweater

Pullover. Jumper. Sweater. And if you are a true blue Aussie, you might know it as a Sloppy Joe. Whatever you call it, the sweater is an essential in any teen's wardrobe. Wear it with shorts. Wear it with jeans. Wear it with skirts. Wear it over a dress. Wear it with leggings. Wear it around your waist. Wear it as your pyjamas. Ask any teen. It's essential. Looking for the perfect no-fuss sweater? Here it is.
Ruby Sweater by The Teen Age

6. Jeans + Leggings

Teens usually fall into two camps - Jean-lovers or Jean-haters (aka Legging-lovers). They either love one or the other, though there are some who love both. Nothing can go past the classic style of a simple straight leg jean and nothing compares to the comfort of a pair of leggings. Both are essential teen wear for sure.
Do your teen girls have these items in their wardrobes? What are their favourites? What is their go-to outfit and how good are they at mixing and matching their clothes?