April 14, 2021 1 min read

Ever wanted to know what happens at our photoshoots? Basically a whole lot of fun.

We like to use real kids for our shoots. That is, kids who aren't professional models. We love working with tween girls of different shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and who just want to have lots of fun.

At the latest shoot for our new collection, we head into our studio. Our photographers, the awesome ladies from Studio Eclectic bring their gear, the girls bring their biggest smiles and personalities and we bring along our new designs as well as our shot list of poses and looks we want to achieve.

The Teen Age Photoshoot setup    

The Teen Age Collection

The girls chatter away as they get their hair done and we get to find out a little about each of them. Once hair is done, the girls change into outfits from our new collection. There is an air of excitement and jitters as they watch the photographers setup cameras and backdrops.

Photoshoot hair     

Although pretty daunting at first, once we get started, the girls start to feel more at ease in front of the camera, you see their shoulders relax and their personalities start to shine as they begin to enjoy the whole experience of posing in front of the cameras.

Teen girl at a photoshoot     Teen girls at a photoshoot

Teenage girls at photoshoot