August 03, 2021 4 min read

Cheesy smiles in front of a marbled blue-grey backdrop, the obligatory Christmas family photo with Santa at the department store, the family pose wearing white shirt & denim outfits in an all white studio or the more modern relaxed outdoor shots, the one thing your family photos do have in common is that they always bring a smile to your face. They capture a moment in time and take you back to when life seemed easier.

When you realise how quickly the years have gone by and notice that your last kid is actually missing from the most current photo proudly displayed on your lounge room wall, you know it's time to organise your next family photo. 

Behind every photoshoot, whether it's for our family or for our latest collection release, a certain amount of planning always makes the process go a whole lot more smoothly and create results that we are happy with.

Here are our 5 best tips to help make your next family photo, picture perfect!

1. Create a moodboard

A moodboard is basically a collection of items, or in this case, photos, that shows the style of photo you like. You can collect these by creating a board on Pinterest or saving posts on Instagram. Once you start collecting a few family photos, you will start to get an idea of the style of photo you are drawn to. It may be a particular lighting or a setting, poses, outfits, moods. 

2. Find the right photographer

Once you know the style of family photo you would like, you can start looking for the right photographer. You may have already come across your preferred photographer when you were collecting images for your moodboard. Asking family, friends or local mum groups for recommendations is a great place to start.

3. Choose the right outfits

If you're anything like me, you probably don't like having your photo taken. So when it comes to taking professional family photos, the photos that you send off to family and friends at Christmas or enlarge to poster size to hang on the wall, then you really want to make sure you put your best foot forward and that the family are looking their best. 

You want to coordinate rather than match.

When it comes to choosing outfits for your family photoshoot, you really do want the photos to show the different personalities of your family members. But, you also want to ensure that all outfits work together without being matchy-matchy.

Here are some ways you can do this:

+ Ensure your clothes are comfortable as this will help you feel more relaxed.

+ Pick a colour palette of 3 to 4 colours that complement each other. A soft neutral palette is a good place to start as it will help. You want to coordinate rather than match.

+ If someone has a particular outfit that they want to wear to the photoshoot, use the colours in that outfit as your starting point for your colour palette.

+ One or two family members should wear something with a simple pattern that coordinates with the overall colour scheme

+ Choose appropriate accessories eg. beanies & scarves in winter, straw sun hat in summer, gumboots for a rainy day, a colourful necklace for a splash of colour

+ Avoid loud colours, logos or bold prints as they can clash and dominate the photo  

4. Props

If you have younger kids, it's great to add a few props for your kids in their photos. For young kids, this gives them something to play with and helps them feel relaxed. This may be a tea set for a teddy bears' picnic, or a giant lollypop. The more relaxed and 'at home' they are, the more natural smiles you will get. Another idea is to use items that show your child's personality. We've used books, a ukelele, a bicycle, a superhero's cape...anything that puts that irresistible smile on your child's face.

5. Be organised

The chance of your photoshoot being a huge success dramatically increases if the family is relaxed and happy! Pick a time that works for everyone. If you've got a baby or toddler or maybe even a teenager in the mix, make sure they are well fed and have had a good sleep. If you have a shoot early in the morning, make sure you pack everything you need the night before and have the outfits ironed and ready to wear. If the location is a bit of a drive away, make sure you bring snacks and water for the kids to drink. If the photoshoot is at home, make sure it is tidy before photoshoot day. You don't want to be running around trying to find an outfit on the day of your shoot so be as organised as you can.

6. Have fun

Lastly, but probably the most importantly, have fun! You are creating family moments. Following the tips above will certainly help you feel more relaxed but I can't promise that it will ensure you that absolutely everything will go smoothly. You know the saying - never work with animals and children. 

Looking for some beautiful outfits for your next family photoshoot for your tween girl? Check out our collection or feel free to get in touch and I can help you with some suggestions.